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Introducing the GWS GIANTS

The official launch of Team GWS has taken place, with the announcement that the AFL’s newest club will be known as the Greater Western Sydney Giants (GWS Giants). Along with the new name, the Giants unveiled an orange, charcoal and white colour scheme and two jerseys along with a stylised “G” logo. Of the two jerseys, one will be selected through a fan vote to be the home strip, while the away strip will feature the traditional NSW sky blue. Also acknowledged at the event was the major sponsorship of the club by Skoda.

This is my take on the outcomes of the club launch:

Name: For starters, I like that they have maintained Greater Western Sydney (GWS) for the name, as it serves as a continuation of what they’ve already started with ‘Team GWS’. Also, GWS works well as an acronym in place of saying the whole name (as opposed to the alternative, Western Sydney and WS).

Now on to the ‘Giants’ nickname; by the looks of things the main concept here was “size matters”. The Giants will be representing a large geographic area, the first feature of which the name is significant. In such a physical sport as AFL football, the metaphorical hulking presence of a giant is clearly a perception which GWS wanted to affix with their brand within the AFL, both on and off the field. Then again, giants are often portrayed as bumbling, dim-witted beings undone by the likes of like Jack and David in classic inspirational tales. One guaranteed product of this nickname is two distinct paths for media headlines to take.

Another aspect of the Giants nickname is the existing presences in American major league sport, specifically the San Francisco Giants of the MLB and the New York Giants of the NFL. The recent successes of these two organisations are a characteristic which GWS no doubt wish to emulate. (The SF Giants were the 2010 MLB World Series Champions, while the NY Giants were 2007 NFL Super Bowl Champions.)

Colours: What the Giants have introduced is a colour scheme unique to the AFL. While the Western Bulldogs held concern over the use of red, white and blue by Team GWS, this was clearly just an effort to take advantage of the awareness of existing AFL branding to create an initial presence in the market. The orange, charcoal and white scheme of GWS serves as a distinctly new presence in the AFL, unlike the predominantly red (Swans?), partly yellow (Eagles, Tigers?) effort of the other new team, the Gold Coast Suns.

An aside to the use of orange, charcoal and white is the colour scheme of the NRL’s Wests Tigers being black, orange and white. Criticism may be directed towards the Giants for this, but I’d consider it to be a non-issue. Those with an existing affiliation with the Wests Tigers may develop a liking for the Giants based simply on their colours, but there is also the danger that fans of other NRL presences such as the Parramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers won’t be so attracted.

For the away strip, they’ve taken the obvious approach in using a pale blue scheme in line with the traditional NSW sporting colours. While many called for this colour to be used in the main scheme, it’s refreshing that they didn’t take the easy option.


Logo: The initial logo for the Giants is a bold, stylised “G”. While it isn’t the most creative effort we’re ever likely to see, it at least does provide a clear link to the overall identity of the club (GWS Giants, get it?). There is also the possibility for the development of a logo and associated mascot through further promotional activities. Team GWS engaged potential fans through the nametheteam.com.au campaign, which resulted in the Giants name; the Giants now have the opportunity to further engage what will become their fan base by offering the chance to improve on the initial logo.


SkodaSponsor: I am super keen on Skoda as a sponsor for the Giants, simply because I completed a group project on Skoda for a marketing communications unit in my second year at uni (incidentally in the same semester that I did a group project on the yet-to-be-formed Western Sydney AFL club…). Skoda are a brand still re-establishing their presence in the Australian automotive market, so building a relationship with a new brand in a large area like Greater Western Sydney makes plenty of sense for them.


All in all, the initial effort towards the identity of the GWS Giants is one which has a solid platform, but leaves plenty of room for future improvement. My positives to take away are the name and colours, while the logo and jersey will no doubt see revisions before the first bounce of the 2012 AFL season.



GWS Giants official website

GWS Giants Facebook

Team GWS Facebook

Team GWS Twitter

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  1. Ben
    November 16, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Good points. It was refreshing that they chose a colour scheme many didn’t expect, at least initially. When I first saw the leaked images this morning, I was a little underwhelmed but I think that the jersey Israel Folau’s wearing is a good, solid jersey and I’m interested in what they do with the NSW sky blue away strip and eventual ACT strip. I also like how they went for something different, new and unique as opposed to the Suns who seem a little uninspired in comparison.

    I think they have plenty of good for improvements but have established a solid platform to build upon. I’ll be interested to see just what they make with their logo.

  2. Harry O'Brien
    November 16, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Very well written and interesting, good job

  3. Ernie Ball
    November 17, 2010 at 9:06 am

    “Those with an existing affiliation with the Wests Tigers may develop a liking for the Giants based simply on their colours”

    No, they won’t. As a Wests Tigers fan myself, all the other supporters I’ve spoken to are pretty angry that this new team has basically stolen their colours. Bad move IMO

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