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“Moss vikings” – how to break news in twelve characters, by accident

October 6, 2010 2 comments

It’s Tuesday night, not even 24 hours after the New England Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football in week 4 of the NFL (a superb defensive and special teams effort culminated in Patriots QB Tom Brady’s 100th career win). Bill Simmons (ESPN writer; twitter: @sportsguy33) accidentally tweets “Moss vikings”, minutes later deleting the tweet and asserting that it was intended as a direct message. This is the new sports media.

Inadvertently breaking the news, Simmons sparked a blaze of stories regarding trade talk of Patriots WR Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. Quickly it went from a deleted tweet to the online presences of ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, USA Today, the Boston Herald, the NFL and various other media outlets. Not only is this a sign of the times, but also a display of the direction in which the sports media juggernaut is heading. Read more…

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